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Pricing and Fees


  • NO minimum monthly item requirement

  • NO item minimum to ship batch- 50 units recommended to save on outbound shipping

  • FREE pallet receiving (dock access, no lift gate required)

  • Typical turnaround 72 hours or less

  • Inventory Lab membership required

  • New products only, OA, RA or wholesale accepted

  • Now accepting Hazmat for $2 per unit and $4 per bundle

  • We DO accept grocery items

  • Discounts available for large volumes or bulk prep scenarios

Our fee schedule for 2023 is as follows:

Standard items up to 15” on the longest side will continue to be $1 or $2 per bundle.

Large standard items measuring 15” up to 18” will be $2 or $4 per bundle.

Small oversized items measuring 18” up to 24” will be $3 or $6 per bundle.

And items exceeding 24” will be $5 or $10 per bundle. 

Funkos will be $3.

Glass items such as candles or bowl/plate sets will be $3 and $5 per bundle (this excludes already-packaged items such as complete dinnerware sets that require no additional prep beyond labeling or polybagging and also excludes HBA items such as small foundations, face creams, etc). 

Apparel will be $2 per unit.

Items that are especially fragile such as stemware, collectible ceramics, etc. that do not already come well-packaged will be considered “special projects” and will begin at $10 per unit. 

All per item fees include (as needed)

  • Receiving

  • Inspection

  • Sticker removal

  • Price covering

  • Polybag

  • Bubble wrap

  • Secure tape for liquids

  • Banding for shoe boxes

  • Suffocation warning label

  • Expiration labeling

  • Sold as Set stickers

  • Dunnage

  • Ready to Ship packaging

  • Return handling

  • Short-term (2 week) storage​

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