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Q: Do you ship pallets? We do! LTL shipments are prepared at no additional fee.

Q: Do you accept hazmat items? We do! Hazmat items are $2 per unit or $4 per bundle.

Q: Will you ship my FBM orders? Effective January 1st, 2023, we will be accepting FBM orders. Please contact us for details!

Q: How often does my inventory ship? You should expect your inventory to ship out once per week, but some of our larger sellers ship more frequently.

Q: What kind of extra fees can I expect every month? We do our best to only charge according to our pricing schedule to avoid confusion and make accounting simple for sellers. If you anticipate a situation not covered by our pricing schedule let us know, and we can work it out together!

Q: Do you offer long-term storage? Unfortunately, we can only offer free short-term storage up to 2 weeks. We do offer free returns for damaged or expired items and will happily donate your "death pile" or ship them to you if you cover shipping.

Q: I order pallets wholesale. Is this a problem? Not at all! We have a receiving bay and do not require trucks with lift gates. We will happily take pallets. 

Q: Are you in a tax-free state? We are in Missouri, and your orders are subject to a 5.9% sales tax.

Q: Most other prep centers I've found require you to be a larger seller or charge a lot of separate fees for materials and supplies- why are you different? We feel prep centers shouldn't be out of reach for smaller sellers, especially those who don't have the space or means to prep themselves. We also know if you're constantly doing complicated mental math while you're sourcing and adding up small fees, you're wasting time. By sticking with an easy per-item fee, you have the peace of mind knowing we can save you time and prep your items securely without the surprise of extra costs each month.

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