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Have an Amazon or Walmart business and running out of prep space? Losing valuable buying time prepping your own items? Maybe you have a prep center already but are tired of unexpected, hidden fees, poor communication or less-than-par prep quality. That's where we come in! We know all the ins and outs of Amazon and Walmart prep requirements so you don't have to- at an easy-to-account-for cost. We take your OA, RA, or Wholesale items, prep them safely and securely, and ship them directly to Amazon or Walmart, leaving your time free to find more products for your business.

Get to Know Us

Why MidAmerica Prep?


Experience- We’ve prepped over half a million units over the years- that’s a lot of units! We know bundling, drop-rules, stickering, price-removal, etc like the back of our hand. We should- we’re a prep center! Prior to owning a prep center, we were Amazon sellers, too, so we’re very familiar with what you need and why. We inspect listings for mismatches (for free), send pictures of damaged inventory (for free), save and send you packing slips and samples (at cost), process returns (for free) and so many other services that make using MidAmerica Prep feel more like cloning yourself and less like complicated babysitting. 


Proximity: MidAmerica Prep is centrally located in Springfield, Missouri- the very heart of the United States. Our close proximity to Amazon and Walmart hubs means super fast delivery times (over 90% of shipments that leave here are delivered within 2 days!), and our huge trucking industry means you can save hundreds on wholesale shipping costs by shipping to our warehouse versus other, more remote locations.


Common Sense- Prep guidelines are important, but we believe in going the extra mile to make sure that your products arrive to your customer in great condition. Our flat-rate pricing is designed with this in mind- we can add a little extra love when needed, and you don’t get an unexpected bill. This allows us to do things like bubble bag cosmetics, polybag grocery items, and other things that give your customer a better experience.  


Integrity- We opened our doors with one goal: to be the best prep center in a sea of prep centers. Your business and merchandise is our number one priority every single day. We refuse service to rule-breakers, drop-shippers, and anyone else who threatens the integrity of the platforms who host them. Our reputation is important to us, and yours is, too.


Flexibility- We don’t have a lot of Thou Shalt Nots listed on our website for a good reason- a “No” is never a “Yes!” While we can’t help with your day-to-day mountain moving or babysit your kids, we want you to know that we’re here for you in any way possible. If you need it, ask! While we can’t always guarantee a “yes”, we’re always open to hearing new ideas on how to make your life easier.


Personability- We’re real, live people who operate a service for real, live people. You’re not a number, you’re an asset, and we want you to know we’re in your corner. Getting in touch with us doesn’t involve installing new apps, waiting in a virtual waiting room or hold music while you wait for a call center to figure out in what order your call was received. We text or email, whatever works best for you, and since we’re a small business you know that you’re always speaking with someone who knows who you are and can provide you with accurate, timely information.

Our Services

Send your OA and Wholesale inventory to us, and we'll prep your items safely and according to Amazon or Walmart's requirements. Our flat-rate pricing includes inspection, all prep materials, outgoing shipping boxes, dunnage, and more! Our goal is to provide quality service, real human interaction, and expert logistical experience at a price point that works for sellers of all sizes. 

Delivery Van


OA, RA, PL, and wholesale

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FBA and WFS Prep

Safely and accurately

Packaging Factory

Ship via FBA or WFS

Quickly and efficiently

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