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Image by Christian Wiediger

How It Works

  1. Like what you see? Contact us via the provided form and complete an informal phone interview. We'll learn more about you and your business to find out how we can best serve you, and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions. ​

  2. Once you're an established client we'll forward our pricing contract and shared spreadsheet file that you will update as you order (more on that in a moment). 

  3. We will then forward directions for you to give us limited access to Inventory Lab (for Amazon) and Seller Account so that we may complete shipments on your behalf. 

  4. Once you place a new OA or wholesale order, you will use our address as the destination. We will receive and inspect your shipments as they come in by using the shared spreadsheet we provided at onboarding.

  5. We prep your items and complete the shipment, then forward the invoice to you for payment.

  6. Once your payment is received, your shipment is picked up and is on its way!

How It Works: Welcome
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